Modern Angular Architectures Edition 2024 Online Course Plus Live Mentoring Sessions [EN]

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Angular Master is a online course with live Q&A calls and a community of experienced Angular developers.



Introducing the Ultimate Angular Architecture Online Course: Master Strategic Design with Nx, Micro Frontends, and Module Federation in 2024 Edition!

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Join Angular Master, the premier online course offering live mentoring sessions and an exclusive community of expert Angular developers. Learn from Manfred Steyer, an Angular GDE and Trusted Collaborator in the Angular team, as he guides you through planning and developing large enterprise-scale Angular applications.

Discover the power of Domain Driven Design (DDD) for planning robust solutions, and leverage Nx Monorepos for implementing your strategic domain design. Dive into the monorepo, break down your solution into multiple libraries, and enforce architectural specifications with access restrictions. Accelerate your CI tasks using Nx’s incremental builds and the build cache.

Unleash the full potential of micro frontends by leveraging the groundbreaking Webpack Module Federation and Angular Elements-based Web Components. Delve into advanced concepts like dealing with version mismatches, dynamic module federation, and seamless Nx integration.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a comprehensive case study that serves as a template for your own projects, and you’ll be equipped to evaluate individual options for your unique requirements.

In this game-changing course, you’ll learn to:

🔹  Implementation of a strategic design (DDD) in an Nx monorepo

🔹  Visualize the architecture

🔹  Categorization of libraries

🔹  Enforcing architectural specifications

🔹  Incremental builds and tests to speed up the CI process

🔹  Local and distributed build caches

🔹  Use of module federation for loading separately developed and published micro frontends

🔹  Integration in Angular and the Angular CLI

🔹  Dynamic module federation

🔹  Sharing of dependencies

🔹  Dealing with version conflicts

🔹  Communication between micro frontends

🔹  Sharing widgets via web components (Angular Elements)

🔹  Angular’s future with optional Modules: How do Standalone Components affect our architecture

🔹  Authentication for Micro Frontends: More secure and easier thanks to Gateways

🔹  Building a Frankenstein: Micro Frontends with multiple Frameworks and Versions

Modern Architectures with Angular’s Latest Innovations

  • Lightweight Architectures with Standalone Components
  • Automatic Migration to Standalone Components
  • Enforcing loose coupling with eslint and Sheriff
  • Standalone APIs for the Router and NGRX
  • Reusable Libs Custom Standalone APIs
  • Functional Services: Guards, Resolvers & Interceptors

Modern State-Management with Angular’s brand-new Signals

  • Signals, Computed, and Effects
  • Guarantees and glitch-freeness
  • Fine-grained Data Binding with Signals
  • Going Zone-less with Signals
  • RxJS-Interop
  • Signals and State Management (NGRX)

Unlock valuable bonuses:

🚀   Reactive State Management with NGRX and your architecture
🚀   NGRX Best Practices
🚀   Modern Authentication Scenarios with OAuth 2 and OpenId Connect
🚀   OAuth 2.1 and Best Practices
🚀   Ivy – what will it bring in the long run

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