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Angular Architecture: Strategic Design with Nx is a online course with live Q&A calls and a community of experienced Angular developers. In this interactive course, you will learn from Manfred Steyer - Angular GDE and Trusted Collaborator in the Angular team - how large enterprise-scale Angular applications can be planned and developed. For this, we learn how Domain Driven Design (DDD) can help with planning a huge solution and how Nx Monorepos can be used for implementing our Strategic Domain Design.

The async pipe is boring! We will skip ChangeDetection OnPush & trackBy and jump straight to the guts of performance. Exciting exercises as well as deep knowledge is core of this training.
Angular has known performance bottlenecks. Especially in larger applications. 

If you already know REDUX or reactive state management patterns and want to learn more about the internal architectural implementation details, this is the workshop you need to book. Local component state, flattening operators, contextual state and its display component templates.

It’s time to take the next step. If you feel you are comfortable with RxJS and confident to solve common challenges in your applications, this workshop is a perfect fit! Push ;) your knowledge to the next level and learn to handle the tricky things.

Business applications must be scalable, extendable and maintainable in the long term! This creates several challenges for the underlying software architecture.

In this workshop you will get to know some architectural styles, patterns and tools to master these challenges. You will learn how monorepos improve your architecture, how Nx supports you, and how it can be used to monitor and enforce your architecture.

This workshop will bring your RxJS skills to the next level! We will focus on **framework-agnostic** techniques that you can use to improve the UX of your application and learn about the essential parts of reactive architecture. Error handling, and retry strategies, as well as combination and flattening scenarios and also topics related to state management are just some of the topics covered in this workshop.

Learn how to leverage object-oriented programming principles and design patterns for creating modular, maintainable applications – in the context of modern UI development. Learn how to think, describe, and communicate with other developers using a common language and terms. Learn how to complex frameworks and libraries work under the hood by identifying the patterns that were used.
– You will use just TypeScript. No frameworks or external libraries.
– All patterns will be explained using real-world, practical use-cases.
– Solve real-world problems through hands-on exercises

Improving Angular performance for new and returning customers without optimizing single line of code.

– First time load optimization techniques
– Web app reload optimization techniques
– Runtime performance optimization techniques

The synchronization of State is one of the most challenging parts in web applications. In this workshop we’ll go over what is this State and what are the problems that we are trying to solve. We’ll start with no libraries approach, pull and push-based services and then dive deeper into Global and Local state management with two of the most popular libraries designed to handle state: @ngrx/store and @ngrx/component-store

During this training you will build a cloud-enabled offline-first Progressive Web App (PWA) that can seamlessly transition from online to offline while providing a great user experience. 

Offline-first apps need to support: intermittent connectivity, transition seamlessly between online and offline states, provide reliable CRUD on-device data, data synchronisation and data conflict resolution to enable real-time collaboration. Amplify DataStore is an on device persistent repository for interacting with local data and able to automatically synchronize via GraphQL. Using Amplify DataStore will allow us to implement offline-first while using a simple programming model. 

JS Poland Is A Premier Technology Conference In CEE, Focused On JavaScript Ecosystem 4th Edition (Online CET)

Meet Experts

The world’s best JavaScript experts inspire you to bring your JavaScript projects to the next level. You will meet and mingle with peers, world renowned speakers, technology fans, published authors and Open Source core committers.

The Biggest Angular Conference In CEE 5th Edition

Learn from the Best

Every year we are happy to host the best experts in the flied of Angular, TypeScript, RxJS, Redux, etc. Their presentations will let you expand your current knowledge, get practical tips and learn new trends. 

I typically talk about state in Angular and state management libraries.

That’s not surprising, given that I’m part of the NgRx team. During this webinar, let’s take a high-level look at components, what steps we can do to improve their performance, scalability and maintainability. Does reactivity help? What are the common friction points exist in Components between imperative and reactive parts. And finally, why thinking about state flows ahead of time matters?

Monorepos allow huge enterprise applications to be subdivided into small and maintainable libraries. This is, however, only one side of the coin: We need to first define criteria for slicing our application into individual parts and we must establish rules for communication between them. 

This webinar looks at a solution provided by Strategic Domain-Driven Design. Using an Angular-based case study, we investigate the idea of the ubiquitous language and the bounded context, sub-domains, and context mapping. Building on this, you will learn how to implement these ideas for Angular using Nx monorepos. We also discuss approaches for reducing coupling between the specific parts of our monorepo and for enforcing your architecture.

By the end, you will have a technical solution and appropriate methodology to build sustainable Angular solutions.

Let’s implement Angular built-in directives.
Learn how they work, and most importantly – learn how to design and implement powerful custom directives for everyday use.
Both beginners and professionals are welcome! There is always something new to learn 🙂

Adding authentication and authorization to an Angular app can be challenging. It’s hard to know where everything goes, what the best practices are for working with RxJS, and what the most secure implementation is. Luckily, Auth0 has a brand new Angular SDK to make this process smooth. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to allow users to log in and out of an application, how to display user attributes, how to protect routes with guards, and how to call a secured API with an access token. You’ll be up and running quickly so you can focus on building features and improving your app!